Numbers show that Raptors, Rudy Gay better since trade

Numbers show that Raptors, Rudy Gay better since trade
When the Toronto Raptors traded Rudy Gay to the Sacramento Kings on December 9, the intent was merely to shed long-term salary. But the trade has had the additional effect of making the Raptors into a legitimate playoff team. Toronto was 7-12 before …
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Los Angeles Lakers 112 – Toronto Raptors 106: Defense takes a holiday
The Toronto Raptors, despite some frustrating shooting lulls, were able to pile up the points against the Los Angeles Lakers. What they couldn't do was stop the Lakers, who shrugged off two big Raptor leads to poach a victory from under the home team's …
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Dwane Casey Won't Let Toronto Raptors Get Complacent
Toronto has gone 10-5 since Rudy Gay was traded and has had signature wins on the road against Oklahoma City and Dallas, while earning a physical win at home against Indiana last week. Throw into the mix that Toronto has risen to the top of the …
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